CB-3000 Chastity Device

The CB-3000 chastity cage measures 3.0 inches long with an inner diameter of 1.45 inches. Two guide pins brace the top pieces, while a locking pin runs through the recessed center hole, connecting the cage to the ring. Each device comes with a range of ring sizes, from 1.5 inches to 2 inches diameter, spaced 1/8" apart for a perfect fit. Cock cage is made from sturdy yet lightweight polycarbonate, with slats for improved ventilation. Ease of urination and hygienic maintenance. Easy to clean. Phthalate free materials: polycarbonate cock cage, metal padlock.

Comes with the following: one cage portion, five different sized rings, locking pins, spacers, padlock, five individually placement locks, and a zippered storage pouch. Plus a free sample of System JO Premium Silicone Lubricant with every product.

Please note this is a genuine CB3000 from CB-X, the USA manufacturers, not a low quality Chinese made knock off.   CB-X brand come with a one-year parts, manufacturer's replacement warranty.

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