CB-6000S Smaller Chastity Device

The famous CB-6000CLS is the smallest of the original CB-X brand Chastity Packages, measuring just 2.5 inches in length. Their revolutionary line of products appeal to men and women alike. For some it is a fetish, for others a way to increase intimacy in the relationship. The shorter length will keep you under total control.  Offering the utmost in comfort and security while totally controlling sexual relief by preventing an erection.

The cage is 2 1/2" in length with inside diameter of 1 3/8" and it incorporates vents for hygiene and natural airflow. Five different size rings (between 1.5 and 2 inches in diameter, 1/8" steps) and three spacers included in each package allow you to completely customize the fit to your individual needs. The new ring design consists of three interlocking pieces that fit together smoothly to avoid pinching. The two guide pins hold the top pieces together. The oval locking pin goes through the middle recessed hole connecting the cage portion to the ring, locking securely with a plastic lock or keyed padlock. Give the key to your partner for added fun! Made of medical grade polycarbonate material, it is lightweight, hypoallergenic and durable.

This chastity device is beautifully made and presented in a zip case, a genuine CB-6000CLS from the original manufacturers, not a poorly made Chinese knock off.  CB-X brand come with a one-year parts, manufacturer's replacement warranty.  Highly recommended!

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