Incredibly Thick Cock Ring

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Are you ready to show off your treasure trove of precious jewels? Then the Incredibly Thick Cock Ring is the one for you! Its smooth, seamless and shining stainless steel surface feels cool to the touch and is heavy enough (5.6 oz!) to really feel it between your legs. Use any lube you like to wet your man-gear and put it shaft and balls through the ring.  Then stroke to an erection and then WAH-LAH! you have an amazing display of manliness. The steel and your rock hard cock will look incredible. When you want the best around your cock and balls this is the best choice.

  • Medium - 1.75in diameter - 3/4in wide (across) at the top. Sides are 1/3in thick.
  • Large - 2.1in diameter - (same as above) 3/4in wide (across) at the top. Sides are 1/3in thick.
  • Heavy-weight stainless steel construction
  • Order contains one cock ring
  • 5.6 oz weight

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