Jelly Bean Cock Ring by OxBalls

SKU: OX360


The Jelly Bean Cock Ring is perfect for the beginner in cock ring play.  Discover the amazing benefits of using a cock ring during sex or masturbation! Lube this ring up with your favorite lubricant, stretch it's incredibly stretchy TPR blend material, and then stick your cock and balls through the hole.  You will be astonished to find that your dick is now extensively larger and full of blood, ready for a good pounding. The feeling you get when you stroke this huge penis feels sensational and when you fuck a partner you last way longer.  When it's time to nut you will find that your orgasm lasts longer and thus is more pleasurable. You will ask your self, "Why didn't I get this cock ring sooner?"
  • Total Length: 1 7/8”, stretches to 6.5”
  • Phthalate-Free TPR blend material
  • Inside Diameter: 7/8”

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