Finger Fuck Textured Glove by OxBalls

Behold! The twisted new way to get off! The Finger Fuck is the most versatile and multi-purpose sex toy we have offered to date. Made of OxBalls amazing body safe FlexTPR material this glove stretches to fit any hand or wiener. Each finger has it's own exhilarating and distinct texture designed to give new sensations to butt holes, cocks, or pussy. Lube this hand up with a liberal amount of water-based lubricant and go to town stroking your penis, ratchet a finger or two in your butthole, and maybe a thumb up a friend's for good measure. You can also turn the Finger Fuck inside out and beat your dick off in one of the fingers giving a whole new meaning to the term "finger fuck". Be the first pervert on your block to have this amazing glove!

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