Sack Sling by OxBalls

Made from Flexi-Skin material (silicone and TPR hybrid), the Sack sling gives the appearance of an enormous ball sack while it presents your erection with pride. The super stretchy skin material easily stretches to fit any size man. Simply stretch the cock ring over your penis then stretch the ball sack open to place your ball sack inside. The internal ring grips your ball sack in place. Now you’re ready for action!

Lube it up inside and out and put your penis through the front hole, drop your balls inside the sack. There is a built-in ball ring that helps keep your balls in the sack. The enlarged ball sack collects your ball sweat and drains it from the two nut shaped holes down at the bottom. Even if you have high and tight nuts or a short sack, this thing will grip your balls.

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